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Soares dos Reis National Museum | RuiPinheiro©


Striving for excellence in higher education, P.PORTO is committed to being a dynamic agent in the creation, production , dissemination and development of culture.

Being appreciative of modernity, contemporary demands, science, multidisciplinary technologies and social knowledge of multicultural, protean and sustainable values — this is the philosophy of each and every member of this institution.

P.PORTO regularly launches scientific, artistic and cultural initiatives via its seven Schools. These include international and cultural weeks, conferences, lectures , workshops, themed days and meetings of all kinds. All these events provide students with opportunities to learn in real-world context, to raise issues and share ideas with professionals in their field, as well as to challenge themselves, gather a wealth of specific information and build their knowledge pool as full citizens in a plural, international culture.

As proof of this we have the Helena Sá e Costa Theatre, one of our cultural ex-libris — with the mission of disseminating and promoting dance, music, theatre and image arts — ; the ESMAE Symphony Orchestra; the Museum of the Porto School of Engineering; the institution's collection of contemporary Portuguese painting, which was on display at the Soares dos Reis National Museum, Porto, in 2015; the cycle Images of the Imagined Real; along with several academic groups.

These and other examples are key tools for full individual growth.This is how we see P.PORTO's mission as an integral part of positive social change.