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Coaching Center

The Coaching Centre (CC) aims to provide one-on-one, team and organizational coaching training and services to the national market.

Coaching can be defined as a partnership between the coach and his clients in a challenging and creative process that inspires the client to maximize his personal and professional potential.

All PEA coaches are certified by national or international reference entities and follow a strict code of ethics.

The PEA has as a policy, the diversity of orientations and coaching schools.



Diana Aguiar Vieira

Professor with a PhD in Psychology from the University of Porto, she teaches in the HR and Social Sciences area at ISCAP-P. PORTO, where she served as Vice-president (2012-2018) and was founder and coordinator of the Coaching, Personal & Professional Development service (2011-2018). Internationally recognized in the field of Coaching and Professional Development, she was a guest Keynote Speaker at the 4th European Coaching Psychology Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland and at the 2017 ABOP Annual Congress, São Paulo, Brazil. Certified Associate Coach from International School of Professional Coaching. In the area of Coaching he has attended various training courses in the Association for Coaching, England and at AEP, Porto. It is internationally certified in Emotional Skills by Paul Ekman International and Ashbridge Business School, England.

Manuel Salvador Araújo

Professor at ISCAP-Pporto. Graduated, Master and Doctor in Psychology at the University of Minho. Master Internacional en Liderazgo y Coaching Organizativo pela EADA, Business School (Barcelona). Investigator (CEOS_IPP, UNIAG_APNOR). Organizational Consultant in Transformational Leadership. Trainer in behavioral areas. Specialist in Neurotraininglab, by WIO, Barcelona. Executive Coach by the Asociación Española de Coaching Profesional (AECOP).

Paulino Silva

Assistant Professor at ISCAP - P. PORTO in the areas of Accounting and Management. Title of Specialist in Business Sciences, MBA and Master in Management. Certified Professional Coach with MHM methodology, specializing in Business-Management-Team. Associate of ECA - European Coaching Association and ICHOS - International Humanistic Coaching Society. Management consultant and certified trainer, especially focused on results based on measurement and management of organizational performance. Coordinator and coach in several international projects supported by the European Union. Promoter of the Coaching for Entrepreneurs initiative, promoted by the ISCAP Alumni Office for former ISCAP students.