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Museum of the Porto School of Engineering

The Museum of the Porto School of Engineering, formerly known as Parada Leitão Museum, was founded in 1999, the fulfilment of an old intention to gather and exhibit precious collection of scientific- teaching instruments, which bear witness to the technical evolution of experiential learning since the foundation of the Industrial School in 1852.

The collection is almost a time capsule, where the great technological advancements of past centuries may be appreciated. One can find items from Physics, with its optical, electrostatic, hydrodynamic, heat and acoustic instruments, to Power Technology, with its devices for gauging electricity, telegraphs and engines, to Mines and Metallurgy, with their furnaces and maquettes, to Mechanics, with its steam engines, or Chemistry, where precision scales and different lab instruments stand out. There is also Civil Engineering, where bridge maquettes and other constructions are prominently displayed, or even Hydraulics instruments such as paddle wheels are to be found, plus Descriptive Geometry models and the various plaster models from the Drawing Section. Here, one may find the last 163 years of history of industrial teaching in Porto, in all its aspects.

Besides these assets, the museum also has a library, with over two thousand books, some of which are bibliographic rarities, as is the case of the Diderot and Alembert Encyclopedia, a priceless physics book by Musschenbroeck or a book on architecture by Leon Battista Alberti. There is also an archive with a wide range of documents, such as correspondence, instruments of investiture of directors, minutes, among others.

This museum makes it possible for visitors to participate in several experiments, using just easily accessible and everyday usage materials. It is meant to be an enjoyable experience and specially rewarding, as people may learn some science in a relaxed atmosphere and children may understand better the world around them. 

New activities are put forward every year. Thus, every time you visit us you are given the chance to learn something new.

The Museum of the Porto School of Engineering is open Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

T. 228 340 508