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For its social, human and pedagogical relevance, P.PORTO is a socially responsible agent, committed to the sustainable development of the global region in which it operates. This mission is lived daily by students and former students, faculty members and assistant staff, and friends of P.PORTO. Through action, always, and in the first person.

As with the Volunteer programme which is in fact a a portfolio of programmes and volunteer projects that encourage a reflexive participation in formative, social and community out-reach activities or through IPP Solidarity, a volunteer association, whose mission is to ensure equal opportunities and the full social integration of all students of the Polytechnic of Porto, by seeking new and innovative social responses, tailored to   individual needs, or by participation in events such as Dodging Prejudice, an inclusive futsal tournament, organised by the  Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Laboratory, of which the School of Health Care Technologies is part. This tournament involved the participation of users and their families and psychiatric rehabilitation technicians as well as students of various higher education institutions, among which P.PORTO. Other participants included the volunteer group Contratempo. the result of the joint efforts of the cultural and recreational  association Tuna de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto (Tuna TS) and the association Nova Aurora (ANARP), which composed of youths from the academic community and of people with mental health problems.

All these initiatives advocate the promotion and practise of citizenship and principles of civilisation which we hold dear.