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Technical Communication (TC) is a simple, practical, and legally required way to describe the functionalities of the product and/or service purchased and to prevent problems in handling or using it. It is also a daily practice for those who explain, give instructions, demonstrate "how to do it," describe features, design and manage information, and must ensure that the message recipient knows how to perform the desired action (whether it's a purchase or usage) without risks, failures, or unnecessary time losses, thus providing a good user experience.

The Postgraduate Program in Technical Communication is a unique and high-quality offering, designed and provided in partnership with APCOMTEC - Portuguese Association for Technical Communication.

It is a 99% online course, with virtual classes, where you have the opportunity to interact both with the teacher and other students. 

You can pay the tuition fee in several instalments and, if something happens, you can delay the completion to the next year, without any extra fees.
The program comprises 14 online modules and 2 blended Workshops (at the beginning and in the end of the course).

The Postgraduate Program in Technical Communication aims to offer unique and high-quality training so that students can:

  • Structure or classify information from Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the development of new products;
  • Research and manage information;
  • Develop strategies and information structures to solve information design and communication problems;
  • Identify appropriate formats and tools for producing content for a specific mode or medium of product/service communication;
  • Communicate effectively with clients, end-users, and other audiences.

The Program takes about 7 months and generally runs from November to September (August excluded).


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Curso em regime Blended learning.

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Pós Laboral 

Coordenador do Curso
Alexandra Albuquerque
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Alexandra Albuquerque
Joana Fernandes
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