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Support to Internationalisation

The support structure to P.PORTO internationalisation comprises a main International Relations Office (GCRI), located in the Polytechnic's Secretariat, who works together with each of the International Offices operating at each of the seven schools. All queries may be answered by e-mail () or in person, during the following schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, Wednesdays, from 10am to 12pm.

Entrance Requirements

General Entry Requirements of Portuguese Higher Education System can be found in NARIC. P.PORTO Programmes include undergraduate (1st cycle) and graduate (2nd Cycle) programmes, Technological Specialisation Courses (TSC) and postgraduate courses.

If you are an European student, please visit Direção-Geral do Ensino Superiorfor information on application procedures to 1st cycle courses. If you are a non-European student, please visit International Student Application (https://portal.ipp.pt/cands/cei/login.aspx). Applications for the Undergraduate programmes in Music and Theatre at theSchool of Music and Performing Artsare managed locally at P.PORTO, inApplications . . Moreover, candidates for the Music and Theatre degree programmes of the School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE), are only admitted provided they obtain a "Pass" in the specific admission tests. All indicated pre-admission requirements indicated in each of the courses must be fulfilled. .

Registration in specific admission tests for the Undergraduate Programmes in Music and in Theatre of ESMAE are submitted inApplications. Applications for master,TSC or postgraduate programmes are submitted to each school directly. For more information please visit the School's Website.

Accreditation of prior certified learning

P.PORTO accreditates to all students willing to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies: a) prior studies at other national or international Higher Education Institution, carried out prior or after the Bologna Declaration; b) TSC studies, according to each diploma requirements; c) Professional experience and post-secondary studies. For more information, please contact estudante@ipp.pt.

Registration and Enrolment

Registration/ enrolment in P.PORTO programmes can be made on the On-line Registrar's Office/Portal of each School or directly at the Academic Offices, according to regulations and calendars in force. For information on Tuition Fees for International Students, please see the RESOLUTION IPP/P-16/2014.

Academic Support 

All information on available programmes and admission processes can be obtained at The Academic Organisation Office (GOA) or at each School's Academic Office. Information on other support actions concerning your welfare, can be obtained at P.PORTOSocial Services.

Cost of Living

Monthly you can expect to spend 200,00€-400,00€ (bills included) for accommodation and 150,00€-250,00€ for subsistence. As far as subsistence is concerned, you can find many white-label products at several supermarket chains, with quality but sold at a discount, in order to save money.


P.PORTO offers International Students all the necessary support to find proper accommodation. Although P.PORTO owns six student residences, located in Porto and Vila do Conde, there are unfortunately currently no vacancies for international students. Therefore, international students are advised to find private accommodation within the large offer available. Students can choose to rent a room in a family house or share an apartment with other students. Apart form the Main International Office, you can also contact the International Office in each School in order to get help you find private accommodation.


As an international or exchange student at P.PORTO you can follow free language courses and learn the fifth most spoken language in the world: Portuguese.