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A distinctive trait of P.PORTO community: an enterprising culture . Our staff are better prepared and qualified because we stimulate the determination and disposition to risk and unconformity. Anchored in applied knowledge, this culture promotes various skills essential for academic and professional life.


Dealing with an unpredictable environment or deciding with intuition. The ability to make things happen autonomously, the spirit of initiative, the identification of opportunities, the creative problem-solving and the strategic thought. The development of an ecosystem that facilitates and stimulates the emergence of corporate initiatives that promote the employability of new graduates as start-ups and spinoffs.


 BeBeing able to promote informal relations and foster interchange networks, inside and outside the country, supporting innovation through the creation of individual and collective capital stock. To be able to work together in new research patterns. To co-create and develop transdisciplinary approaches and paradigms.


 Allowing the production of applied knowledge in real situations, that is, centred in solving real problems and pragmatic use. Generating added-value for the socio-economic development of a city or region.

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