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Student Support Services

Students are the epicentre of P.PORTO’s activity. For us, it is essential to create and multiply environments, conditions and opportunities for advancement and continuous improvement.

We encourage the development of activities and programmes that assertively contribute to students’ personal, intellectual, scientific, academic and professional fulfilment. This is the core of our work and our mission. This is where our focus is. In this regard, we are always available to listen and support our students in everything they need.

 P.PORTO ensures a student support network, providing academic and socio-cultural support. This is not only the responsibility of P.PORTO’s central services. Each Organic Unit offers specific services in order to provide concrete answers to the multiple needs and challenges of the community.

The Academic and Professional Integration Office (GIAP - Gabinete de Integração Académica e Profissional) aims to facilitate students’ academic integration and promote academic success through personal development and extracurricular activities. GIAP also provides specialised support and promotes initiatives to enhance career development and employability of students and graduates.

 The Academic Organization Office (GOA - Gabinete de Organização Académica) is a facilitator service to assist with academic issues. We help with applications, requests and other documents, simplifying the recognition of qualifications and competences process.

Student Welfare Services (Acção Social) strive to implement an equity policy, ensuring an efficient student support network: scholarships, access to health services and social counselling, access to accommodations in six student residence halls (Porto and Vila do Conde), and canteens and bars.

We cannot overlook the crucial role of the Student Ombudsman (Provedor do Estudante) that defends and ensures the interests of the academic community as well as of the many Students’ Unions, which play a vital role representing the students in governing bodies of the various schools of P.PORTO