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Translation and Interpretation

GAIE, in collaboration with the language and culture department of ISCAP, provides translation and interpretation services to the community (internal and external) through a grant of translators and interpreters. The list of language services provided includes:

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, translation, localization, subtitling, transcription. 

Its translator/interpreter scholarship is composed of established professionals and also translation/interpretation students.

In this sense, ISCAP and GAIE, whenever possible, offer their students/alumni the first work experiences in a professional environment accompanied by professionals and/or teachers, creating bridges between the academic and professional worlds.

Thus, and always guaranteeing the quality of the services provided, ISCAP also allows its students to have the opportunity to complement their training in a professional environment, gaining fundamental skills for the future exercise of this profession.

GAIE also has audiovisual equipment solutions, and technical resources, such as interpretation booths and support headphones, which it makes available for the performance of services - which allows the provision of a complete service.

For any questions, e.f. contact us via: gaie.labs@iscap.ipp.pt