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Every year thousands of students consistently select our schools. More precisely, eleven thousand students. This interest is reflected in the rankings that position P.PORTO as the 5th largest educational institution at national level, and 4th in terms of students’ first choice.

That is why we have 18,000 students spread over seven schools and three campuses. What these students seek is the excellence and diversity of our training offer, the crucial link with businesses, translated into innovation and employment, combined with increasingly competitive positions, both nationally and internationally.

 Have you finished secondary school and chosen a P.PORTO Degree and School?

Are you over the age of 23 and want to apply for a higher education course?

Are you from a country outside the European Union and do not know what to do to apply to P.PORTO?

Do you already have an undergraduate degree but intend to improve your curriculum with a postgraduate course or a continuing education course?

 We will try to answer all these questions here.
But there is more.

 Do you want to attend a master's degree programme, or enrol in a single course unit?

Do you need accurate information about competence accreditation or about how to participate in a mobility program?

 From secondary school students who choose our 1st cycle courses (licenciatura) and master's degree programmes to begin their academic career, to those who come to enrich their education by enrolling in our postgraduate courses and continuing education courses, P.PORTO opens the doors to all vocations, talents and expectations. P.PORTO provides the largest portfolio in the country that is challenging, certified and with various access and admission regimes.